Computer Repair Service

Computers are infected everyday and it all can be prevented with just a little knowledge of your system and antivirus protection. Most people think that they will not get infected till the last minute when it's too late. Data loss, system slows down, system reboots periodically and blue screens are just some of the symptoms of virus and or malware.

Important News

Popular site like Facebook, Myspace and any other soucial sites may be a hot spot for banners with virus replated installs. Some antivirus programs have found popups that link to other malicios sites and stop the acces but some slip thru the cracks. Try to keep your software up to date everyday.

Helpfull tips if virus detected

Disconnect the computer from the internet to avoid other uploads from the virus. Turn your system off and start it back up but on safe mode by hitting the F5 button or F8. Then try to remove any files or executables from the startup folder located in the START/ALLPROGRAMS/STARTUP.

Anything in this folder can be removed without it creating errors to your system. Finally if you are brave enough to go to the registry you can also try removing anything that looks suspisush on the run Key located in the


Virus Protection at it's Best

There is no perfect Antivirus software but it is your preference on what you like:

  • Protection helps your system from attacks
  • Ensure your data doesn't get stolen
  • Drive down costs on repairs and service
  • Keep your system updated

Have you ran a backup your system yet?

DVD Backups and system check points.

  • Install a DVD -Burner for DVD backups up to 8GB in size
  • Do a weekly data check after backp is made.
  • Save backup in two locations just in case the first locations is damaged.

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Great downloads

Find out what your computer system hardware is and what type of drivers you already have installed. This program is very helpful on getting your system a good audit without opening the system up.
This application helps you find out what type of CPU you have and how much memory is currently installed. You can also have the data in a easy to read html format.
Remove spyware and protect your privacy with this popular free ani-spyware program.
This program is a anti-spyware program that is free. Provides protection and is largely effective.

Check Your Internet Connection Speed

Speakeasy is a site that will test your internet connection speed on download and upload speed. This will help you know how fast your connection is and if your are paying what you asked for. Its is used by a number of IT tech and some At&t techs to confirm internet speed when network project is complete.